Apple Offers $1 million to Find Flaws in iPhone
The Times Of India
Aug 15, 2019

In order to make their device stronger and hack-proof, Apple Inc. has offered $1 million to anyone who finds flaws in their software.

These days people are very worried that government’s are hacking into mobile phones of journalists, human rights advocates and spying on the mobiles of the common man. The famous mobile company Apple Inc. is offering a reward of $1 million to anyone who can find flaws in the mobile. Apple has said that if anyone can make the iphones stronger and protect against hackers they will give them $1 million.  


The company said that security researchers from all over the world can participate. The price will only be given if the problems are fixed by remote access and not through the iPhone. Earlier Apple would pay $200,000 if anyone found glitches in the iPhone. Apple would make security updates once the problem was found they would release software updates to protect the phones.