11 Billion Tons of Ice Melts In a Single day
Aug 16, 2019

Global Warming is a real threat to our planet. The temperatures in Greenland increased so much that that 11 Billion tons of ice melted in a single day.

We recently reported that countries all over the world are experiencing very high temperatures. Similarly, the temperature in Greenland is rising as well. On 1st August 2019, the temperature increased so much that 11 billion tons of ice melted in a single day. The melted water was equivalent to 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools. Greenland's ice usually melts during the summer. This is the end of May; However this year it began at the start of May. In the month of July, 197 billion tons of ice in Greenland melted. This was the equivalent of around 80 million Olympic swimming pools. 

Greenland’s melting season typically lasts to the end of August. However this year it may last longer and lead to more melting of ice. Greenland's ice sheet is the second biggest in the world and this season's ice melt has already contributed around half a millimeter to global sea levels. The ice that melts, all goes into the ocean. Due to the melting of ice, the water level of the oceans is continuously rising. This is extremely dangerous. The rising water levels are a serious threat to people living along the cost. The rising water levels are also leading to storms which give heavy rain.