The Importance of Struggles
May 3, 2020

A moral story about the importance of struggles in life.

A man was walking in his garden. While looking around he found a cocoon of a butterfly. He got interested. He watched the cocoon every day. Then one day a small opening appeared on the cocoon. He sat there and watched the cocoon. A butterfly struggled to force his body through the little hole. The butterfly was trying hard and was almost out. Suddenly the man noticed that the butterfly was not making any progress and he thought that it was stuck. So the man decided to help the butterfly. He went inside his house and got a pair of scissors. He snipped off the remaining part of the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged easily. But its body was swollen and it had small shriveled wings. The man did not think that there was a problem. He felt everything was fine. He sat there waiting for the wings to enlarge and the butterfly to fly. But that did not happen. The butterfly was never able to fly. It just crawled around with tiny wings and a swollen body and within a few days, the butterfly died. The man was kind-hearted but he did not understand that the struggle that the butterfly had to come off the cocoon, actually helped in passing the fluids from the cocoon to the wings. These fluids helped to make the butterfly’s wings strong. That is the natural way of a butterfly's life. The fluids would pass from the body to the wings and the butterfly would be able to fly once it is out of the cocoon.

 Moral: Struggles in life develop our strengths. Without struggles, we never grow and get stronger.