3rd Day of Diwali : Lakshmi Puja
Oct 27, 2019

Today is one of the most important days of Diwali where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to invite wealth and prosperity in the house.

Today is the main day of Diwali and the entire focus is devoted to Lakshmi Puja. On this day, people keep the
house spotlessly clean and pure. This is so that Goddess laxmi who is the goddess of wealth, becomes happy when she sees a beautiful house and enters it. They say when Goddess Laxmi enters any house, she will
bring wealth and happiness in that house.
Youngest members of the family visit their elders, such as grandparents and other senior members of the
community.On this day Lamps are lit in the evening In the evening people wear new clothes and Lakshmi puja
is performed in every house. Businesses perform puja on Goddess Lakshmi in their offices as well.
They pray to their books of accounts and they cash registers. Bhajans, devotional songs in praise of Goddess
Lakshmi, are sung and prasad of traditional sweets is offered to the Goddess.This is done for good luck and
so that the business develops. Business owners give gifts or special bonus payments to their employees.
After the puja, people go outside and celebrate by lighting up patakhe (fireworks) together, and then have a
family dinner and enjoy mithais.Throughout the year we are very busy and hardly get time. Diwali is a time to
relax and spend time with family. On the day of Laxmi puja, we pray for wealth so that the goddess bless us
and we succeed in our businesses.
Pray, enjoy with your families and refresh and the next day start your life on a new note. Have an aim.
Motivate yourself. If you work hard then goddess lakshmi will surely bless you.