Indian Army Attacks Terror Pads in Pakistan
Oct 22, 2019

In retaliation to Pakistan’s ceasefire, India fired back near PoK and attacked four terror launch pads.

On Sunday, Pakistan violated the ceasefire at Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Indian officials said that Pakistan started the firing because they wanted to help terrorists enter J&K. Two Indian soldiers and one civilian died. Five others were injured. Because of Pakistan’s firing six houses house, a rice godown, and two cars were completely damaged near 

In response to this firing by Pakistan, on Sunday, the Indian Army attacked four terrorist camps situated in PoK. 4-5 Pakistani soldiers were killed and many soldiers were injured. Earlier this week, Pakistan started firing in Poonch district. A 27-year-old woman was cooking in her kitchen when a Pakistani bomb exploded near her and killed her instantly.Even though India has asked pakistan not to shoot, Pakistan continuously keep firing.