Bengaluru Social Workers Teach Sign Language
The Indian Express
May 26, 2019

Two social workers in Bengaluru have started teaching Sign Language on Instagram, one word at a time.

Vidishi Jayaswal and Vishnu Soman, two social workers from Bengaluru have started a social media movement with their #SignLanguageMovement with the goal of teaching one new word in Indian Sign Language every day. They hope to teach 50,000 Indians by the end of the year. They also conduct workshops with the public with the help of SignLab a program that is run with volunteer organization Smileys India.Their goal is to make people aware of the importance of Sign Language in India.

Vidushi says that she learnt Sign Language from Deaf individuals itself and is the reason she started this workshop. A gathering of Deaf and Hearing people is held at Cubbon Park every third Sunday of the month. The Deaf teach Sign Language to the Hearing. The team consists of four Deaf persons. While continuing the #SignLanguageMovement online, they have also conducted a workshop at the Canadian International School in March this year. They hope to conduct many more workshops with different schools.