Tips For Students To Travel
Feb 3, 2020

Here is our latest Healthy & Lifestyle videos for all those students earning to travel the world. Pay attention to the tips so that you can skillfully plan your next holiday.

You are never too young to travel the world.If you are in college and wish to travel, make it happen - there are a few times in your life when you are free from personal and professional commitments.You just have to look out for the right opportunity, and of course, mind your budget.Here are tips to travel as a college student.


With so many places/countries to choose from, confusion about where to land is quite understandable.So, take into account factors like your budget, convenience, and what different places have to offer, and then decide.Also, research well and get to know about your destination country's laws, ethics and norms to avoid ending up in an undesired situation during your trip.

What is the right time to travel as a student?

As a student, you naturally have a lot of flexibility and free time as compared to those with a fixed 9-5 schedule. So, make the most of it.Use long weekends, your college break or adjust your classes so you can sneak local and international trips. Also, consider traveling during off-season periods. That way, you can save a lot of time and hassle.

How to Save Money? 

If you are still in college, chances are you're not a millionaire, which means you can't fly first class or rent luxury hotels.You need to be smart. Firstly, make a budget and stick to it at all costs.Aim to score as many student discounts as you can.Also, make friends with the locals, eat cheap and travel via public transport.

Where to stay

This is one department where you can practically save a lot of your precious money.If you have friends in the country you wish to travel to, get in touch with them and ask if you can drop by for a couple of days at their place.You can also give paid student hostels a try and look out for offers/discounts.

Travel Light

Make sure you carry proper luggage and do not overpack. Here are links to YouTube videos so that you can travel freely without any burden.