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Just The News
Oct 26, 2021

25 Oct 2021: Just The News Watch ‘Just The News’ 25th October 2021 news bulletin by Faye D’Souza in Indian Sign Language (ISL) exclusively on ISH News.

25 Oct 2021: Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat 

Watch News18 India’s 25th October 2021 News Bulletin by Kishore Ajwani, ‘Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat’ in Indian Sign Language (ISL) exclusively on ISH News.  

Here are the top bulletins of today’s news : 

  1. The National United Front, which includes more than 80 organizations, protested against the Kejriwal government on the issue of contractual and privatization in Delhi.

  2. Due to heavy rains in Uttarakhand and Nepal and due to release of water from the dams, many rivers are in spate in Uttar Pradesh, which has increased the problems of the people and they had to leave their homes and go to safer places.

  3. Reliance Jio's new phone is going to hit the market on Diwali. This phone will be cheap and its features will also be very good. It will have voice assistant in every language, read aloud feature, translate and good long battery life.

4. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been accused by a former official of planning the assassination of King Abdullah in 2014.

Watch top headlines of the day in ISL at a fast pace only on Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat. 

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