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17 Jan 2022: Just The News Watch ‘Just The News’ 17th January 2022 news bulletin by Faye D’Souza in Indian Sign Language (ISL) exclusively on ISH News.

  • Money Laundering case: ED arrests Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik

  • 36-hour blackout in parts of Chandigarh

  • Centre: Rs 18,000 crore returned to banks from Vijay Mallya, others

  • Bajrang Dal member murder: 8 arrested

  • Karnataka HC: Temporary ban on religious attire in schools, colleges only for students

  • CJI says “Omicron variant silent killer”
    SC rejects plea seeking cancellation of offline exams

  • EC lifts curbs on rallies, rodshows

  • UP elections Phase 4: 57.45% voter turnout till 5 PM

  • DMK sweeps urban local body polls

  • Indians arrive in Air India flight from Ukraine

  • S Jaishankar: “Ukraine crisis has its roots in post-soviet politics”
    Ukraine urges people to leave Russia immediately

  • Russia starts evacuating diplomatic staff from Ukraine

  • Ukraine crisis: Several nations impose sanctions on Russia

  • Ukraine security council calls for state of emergency

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