Zomato Boy Rides Horse to Deliver Orders

A video of a Zomato delivery agent riding on a horse to deliver orders in Hyderabad has gone viral on social media.

As petrol pumps in Hyderabad reportedly ran dry following a nationwide truck drivers’  protest, a video of a Zomato delivery agent riding on a horse to deliver orders has gone viral. Here’s a link our video covering the news relating to the petrol pumps:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOMQzoS6C40 

In the video, the man wearing the red Zomato t-shirt & red Zomato backpack can be seen galloping through traffic of Hyderabad on brown-black horse. The short video shows the Zomato delivery agent cheerfully waving to the public and arriving at Chanchalguda, near the Imperial Hotel with a smile on his face. One of the first people to share the video was X (Twitter) user ‘Arbaaz The Great’. He shared the video with the caption “Hyderabadi kuch bhi kar dete [People in Hyderabad can do anything]. Due to the closure of petrol pumps in Hyderabad, a Zomato delivery boy came out to deliver food on a horse at Chanchalguda near the Imperial Hotel”. Since then, the video has received more than 60,000 views and the view continues to increase. The video received many positive and funny comments too. “Hope the food package survived the bumpy ride. But a very interesting choice of horse-power though,” posted an individual. Another added, “The dedication is at its peak.” “Hyderabad is not for beginners,” wrote a third. A fourth commented, “Incredible! This is unbelievable! It’s just superb! I can’t believe my eyes!” “Zomato da jawab nahin [There’s no match to Zomato],” chimed in a fifth.

In the video, the delivery agent could be heard saying to a passerby that he opted to ride a horse to deliver food after the pumps ran out of petrol. He said "Petrol nahi mila bhai. Teen ghante line me khada raha. Zomato se nikal gaya..petrol nahi mila.(There was no petrol. I waited in the queue for three hours. I left after taking the order but couldn't get the petrol).” Hyderabad was among many cities that witnessed long queues at petrol pumps as a large number of motorists gathered to fill their vehicles with petrol and diesel on 2nd January 2024 during the nationwide drivers’ protest against the new hit-and-run law. What do you think about this unique delivery method? Have you ever come across any such delivery agent?