Workers Put Dirty Feet on Toast & Lick them in Viral Video

A viral video from a rusk factory unit is going viral on social media inciting anger in thousands of netizens. Watch our video to learn more.

The first thing we Indians do in the morning is drink chai with our beloved toast. At least 90% of households follow the same pattern and not only households but even roadside tea stalls also sell a lot of toast with tea. However now there is a video going viral. In this video,  a worker in a toast manufacturing factory is doing something so dirty that you will never eat toast in your life. In the video, some workers of the factory are seen sitting together with their dirty feet on toasts that are kept on the ground. Not only this but they are also seen licking the toast and then packing it. It is very clear that the workers are doing this on purpose but the reason why they are doing this is not clear. It is not known when and where the video was shot. 

The video was shared by an account named @GiDDa on Instagram which has thousands of views. Users of the internet are not happy with this and are demanding strict action against the people in the video, some are even asking for them to get arrested. Even actress Raveena Tandon shared the video on her Instagram story and demanded that the workers be arrested. This is not the first time people are doing dirty things with food. Last month, a video of a street vendor in Assam’s Guwahati was caught on camera adding “urine” in ‘pani puri’ water. You can watch the video here. Put link : Guwahati Man Urinates in Pani Puri Liquid In another incident, a video of a food vendor using tap water from a railway station toilet in Mumbai to prepare food had also gone viral.