Woman Molested on Promise of Film Role

A woman from Vikhroli, Mumbai was molested on the pretext of getting a role in movies.

Rahul Tiwari (30), his sister Kanchan Yadav (25), Rakesh Yadav (35), and Biralal Yadav (30)  told a 24-year-old who lives in Vikhroli, Mumbai that she had been shortlisted for a movie role. The woman and three other people told the girl that she had to meet the producer of the movie at a farmhouse in Thane. They said that the producer was coming from Lucknow to select an actor for his movie so she must do whatever he says to get the role. The group of people took her to the farmhouse in a car. However, on the way, they touched her inappropriately and pointed a weapon at her seeking favors. After reaching the spot, the victim mustered courage and secretly contacted her aunt. The girl also contacted a MNS party worker whom she knew and shared her location with him. The MNS party workers quickly arrived at the farmhouse along with a few others. They caught the woman and 3 men and beat them up. The police have arrested the 4 of them, seized the gun and are investigating the matter further.