Wives of Russian Soldiers Encourage Them to Rape?

In another shocking claim, Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska has said that Russian Soldiers Encourage Them to Rape.

It’s almost 2023 now, and the war which started between Russia & Ukraine in the beginning of 2022 is still going on. Although there were several claims by the Ukranian side, that the Russian soldiers are not just fighting the war on the battlefield but are also indulging in some inhumane deeds of raping the innocent Ukrainian civilians. Now, to another shocking claim, Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska has said that Russian soldiers are using rape and sexual assault as a "weapon" in the ongoing war against her country.

According to a British television news channel, Sky News. The 44-year-old Ms Zelenska was speaking in London at an international conference to tackle sexual violence during conflicts. She also claimed the wives of  Russian army men encouraged them to rape Ukrainian women. According to the British news outlet, Ms Zelenska, who is married to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, talked about sexual violence being used as a weapon systematically and openly by the Russians. "Sexual violence is the cruellest, most animalistic way to prove mastery over someone. And for victims of this kind of violence, it is difficult to confess in wartime because nobody feels safe, ", she said in her statement. She said that the Russian army is very open about this: they talk about it over the phone with their relatives, and they have managed to capture it with call recordings. In fact, the wives of Russian army men encourage this. They say, 'Go on, rape those Ukrainian women, just don't share this with me, just don't tell me'. Ms Zelenska said it was extremely important to recognise this as a war crime and to hold all the criminals accountable for this .

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