Will Dhoni be Banned From IPL 2023 Finals?

The legendary cricketer Dhoni might be banned from the IPL finals. Did he cheat or just be his stratergy?

As you might all know that IPL is about to end. The finals are on 28th May, Sunday. 

MS Dhoni - the legend is caught amidst some controversy. Let us look at what? The incident happened in the Gujarat Titans v/s Chennai Super Kings match on 23rd May just before the 15th over when Gujarat Titans were batting. Dhoni was engaged in a discussion with the umpires. Now you will think, that so what? A player is allowed to talk to an umpire about anything. Well let me tell you what happened. CSK bowler Matheesha Pathirana had left the field in the second half of the chase of treating an undisclosed niggle. He had left the field for 9 minutes and then returned. 

Then Pathirana was asked by Dhoni to bowl the 16th. Titans, at the stage, were 102 for 6, needing a further 71 runs for victory. However the umpire Chris Gaffaney did not allow Pathirana to bowl. According to the IPL rulers, a player who leaves the field to treat an internal injury - or for any other reason - for more than eight minutes needs to be on the field for a similar duration on his return before he is allowed to bowl. It could not be confirmed why Pathirana had left the field. 

Since Pathirana had not completed 9 minutes, umpire refused to allow him to bowl. But Dhoni was adamant to make Pathirana bowl. That’s why he started talking to the umpire. He spoke to the umpire for 4-5 minutes. Umpires informed Dhoni that if he delayed the match on purpose he would be fined because as per IPL rules the match should go on time and there should be no delays. It is understood that the Titans' batters, too, checked with the match officials about the delay. But by then Pathirana had completed the 9 minute on the field. 

Hence he was allowed to bowl. Several observers believe that it was a tactic employed by the CSK captain - MS Dhoni to waste time.This decision on Dhoni made a significant impact as Pathirana claimed two tough wickets and CSK won this match. So will Dhoni get banned? Or will they impose a financial penalty? We will have to wait and watch.