Watch IPL Matches On Voot From 2023 To 2027

Recently an auction was held for the bidding of streaming rights of ipl for the next five years which has earned the BCCI a massive amount of over 48,000 crore.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most famous and widely watched cricket tournaments around the world. The bidding for the IPL media rights for 2023-27 cycle was held last week. The bidders were offered four packages. 

Package A - India sub-continent television - The TV rights for Indian Sub continent went to Star India for Rs 23,575 crore. 

Package B - India sub-continent digital - Viacom18 grabbed the digital rights for Rs 20,500 crore

Package C - India digital non-exclusive special package - This was a special category. This group includes the opening game, final match, three play-offs and weekend double headers. This package included the best matches and Viacom18 did not want to lose these special matches each year. They finally won this Package C bid as well. That way they will have all the digital rights to all the matches in India.  That is how Viacom18 grabbed all the digital rights in the Indian subcontinent for Rs 3258 Crore. 

Package D - Rest of the world - international TV and digital rights - This was further divided into four groups. 

Group A consisted of Australia, NZ, Singapore, Caribbean region; 

Group B had MENA (Middle East & North Africa) and the US region; 

Group C was South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa region 

Group D had the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe region. 

Viacom18 managed to bag the majority of international rights by winning Group A, C and D for a total amount of Rs 594 crore. Times Internet won the bid for Group B for Rs 464 crore. 

The auction of streaming rights of IPL for the next five years has earned the BCCI a massive amount of above 48,390 Crore! 

RPG Group chairperson Harsh Goenka recently tweeted some shocking IPL figures. He said there will be 410 matches in all 5 seasons with 240 balls in each match. Total balls bowled -- 98,400. Total broadcasting rights -- Rs 48,390 crore. Each ball's worth -- Rs 50 lakhs

Goenka added, "BCCI will make money, players will make money, teams will make money.

One of the followers said they will make money through advertisements as they take 10-15 lakhs easily for 30 second ads. However the revenue is divided between BCCI and the franchise owners. BCCI’s share of  50% is used for expenses related to governing Indian cricket, staff expenses etc. While the remaining 50% is divided amongst the  Franchise owners. Apart from this, the BCCI also earns from the ticket sales, the fees it charges the IPL teams and thousands of other sponsorships, the Title partner, currently Tata and several others.

There is one fact that left me amazed. You are aware that Viacom18 bought the broadcast rights of IPL.. Reliance Industries owns 51% shares of Viacom18's company. Reliance has turned out to be the strongest company. After the famous cosmetic company Revlon filed for bankruptcy, Reliance is considering buying it. The common man buys clothes, footwear etc. However Reliance takes over bankrupt companies.  With the Mumbai Indians team, Reliance truly is the richest in the world.