Vande Bharat, India's Fastest Train

Prime Minister Modi Inaugurates Vande Bharat which is India’s fastest train In New Delhi.

On 15 February 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the New Vande Bharat train from New Delhi Railway Station.This train will travel between New Delhi and Varanasi. It wil bel India’s fastest train, as it will travel at a speed of 160 kilometer per hour. This train was built in 18 months at a cost of Rs 97 crore.

The train is fully air-conditioned with international services such as, Wi-Fi, LED lights, mobile charging points, GPS to help passengers track their location and climate control system to control the temperature inside the train according to the weather outside. The Shatabdi trains used to be one of the fastest trains in India. Now the Vande Bharat will be the fastest train.

The train has two classes. The Chair Car and the Executive.The cost a one way ticket from Delhi to Varanasi for Chair Car is Rs 1,760 and for the Executive is Rs 3,310.  

This train was made under PM Modi’s Made in India program. It was manufactured in a coach factory in Chennai.