Urfi 2.0 - The Viral Delhi Metro Girl’s Story

Recently a video of a skimpily clad girl riding the Delhi metro went viral on social media.

There was much online drama recently over the video of a girl riding the metro to her west Delhi acting class. People taunted her, called her cheap, etc. Soon, she was named as the ‘Viral Delhi Metro Girl’.
The 19-year-old Rhythm Chanana is originally from Punjab and was in Delhi for an acting course as she wants to pursue acting as a career. She started wearing these outfits in November 2022 and has adapted to this style of clothing entirely. She has, reportedly, not been allowed to travel in the pink line of the Delhi metro. This is why she has earned a lot of fame. She started off with close to 150 followers on Instagram which recently shot up to 35,000 followers today. The viral Delhi Metro girl Rhythm Chanana opened up about her style, fashion choices and her ties with her family. She revealed that her going viral happened 'by chance' and that she had no intention of garnering this amount of fame.  She said, ‘I come from a very conservative family just like every other middle-class Indian family. So, it wasn’t easy for my family to accept this. But the situation wasn’t so bad that they would throw me out of the house. I have always craved freedom. Since childhood, I wasn’t allowed to go everywhere that I wanted to go, do what I wanted to do, wear what I wanted to wear. I wasn’t allowed the freedom of living my life as I wanted. So, I wanted to feel free. Wearing these clothes gives me a sense of freedom. I like to wear short clothes. I like the freedom of wearing whatever I want. I don’t intend to be Urfi Javed 2.0. All I want is to live freely and this is my way of expressing freedom which shouldn't really be bothering anyone. I am not copying anybody. I make my outfits from clothes itself. Like tshirts or handkerchiefs. Like the top that I am currently wearing is something that I have made from a handkerchief. If we talk about the pictures that went viral, all those outfits were made from a tshirt.  Let the dogs bark! Like even as we speak, I am getting notifications of messages and DMs on Instagram saying ‘isko bhi utaar do’ and ‘yeh bhi kyu pehna hua hai’ and more. There are countless negative comments. But I don’t care. A lot of ministers and advocates and people who are on higher authorities are against me. Let them say, who cares?  What came as a shock to me was the support. A lot of girls are sharing my posts on their stories saying that ‘we support you’, or ‘you are so brave’ etc. I was not expecting positivity given how my choices have been bothering everyone so much. I have also received fan art paintings and I keep sharing them on my Instagram stories too.“