Uncle Gives Free Petrol As Deaf Girl Gives Birth

A man from Madhya Pradesh gave free petrol to people when his Deaf niece gave birth to a baby girl.

Whenever people celebrate a happy occasion, they distribute expensive gifts or sweets to each other. However, there is one person who, when he heard good news, was so happy that he gave free petrol. You all are aware that petrol prices are very high in the country now. Do you want to know why he gave free petrol? 

A man named Rajendra Sainani from Madhya Pradesh owns a petrol pump in Betul. He has a deaf niece, Shikha. According to reports, Rajendra raised Shikha after his brother Gopaldas passed away. On 9th October Shikha gave birth to a baby girl. Rajendra was so happy with the birth of the baby girl that he decided to give 5 % to 10 % free petrol.

Rajendra said, “I am overwhelmed with joy as my deaf niece gave birth to a girl child. If anyone bought petrol for Rs. 100/- I gave them 5% extra petrol and if some bought petrol for Rs. 200 to Rs. 500, I gave them 10% extra petrol. This scheme was from 13th October to 15th October between 9am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm.” In Betul, the price of Petrol was very high at Rs. 113.99. At this price Rajendra gave free petrol, so this shows that he was truly very happy.