UK Woman Steals Lakhs of Rupees from Deaf Man in Mumbai

A hearing woman from the United Kingdom duped a deaf man in Mumbai. Check out the entire story here.

A story has gone viral on WhatsApp, newspapers & the internet about a hearing woman from the UK,

who took money from Deaf person and never returned it. You all must be aware of this. This Deaf person works as a teacher at NIHH in Bandra, Mumbai. I spoke to this person and they showed me all the WhatsApp chats which made everything clear. I will now tell you what he told me. This person has said that the information in newspapers is partly correct and partly incorrect. There has been a huge misunderstanding. Here is what they told me. The woman from the UK connected with the Deaf individual on Instagram. The person accepted her friend's request and they began getting to know each other. The woman said that since she has a 10 day holiday she wanted to come to India. The Deaf person said Mumbai is a great tourist place and would take her along for sightseeing. The lady thanked him for the help. She booked a ticket and sent an image to the Deaf person who welcome her with open arms. She said she reached the airport & even shared an image of herself on the flight. However, she landed in Delhi instead of Mumbai.


When the Deaf person asked her about this she said she has some work there, once she is done she will come to Mumbai. The girl then messaged him saying she has a problem in Delhi. She said that she has a DD worth 60,000 pounds. but she was unable to exchange it for Rs 61 lakh. She didn't know what to do. She had problems with exchanging the currency and had to pay for registration, visa and other airport expenses. She had no cash but just had a DD. The woman then requested the Deaf person to lend her money. The deaf person was smart enough to know it was a risk, that is why he was hesitant. After hiring an interpreter, the Deaf individual communicated with the woman. The person then decided to transfer Rs 49,900 from their SBI account to the woman's acquaintance account. She was very grateful and promised to return the amount once she lands in Mumbai. The Deaf person asked her to go to the manager in the airport.


She then asked the Deaf person for money to stay at a hotel at the airport. The person then transferred Rs 30,000 from the same SBI account to her. Now that she had a place to stay she need money to eat. She asked for Rs 15,000 and the Deaf person transferred the amount. She said that once the procedure is complete, she would come to Mumbai and return the amount. Suddenly she sent an image of herself admitted to the hospital. The Deaf person was shocked. When asked what happened, the woman said, when she went to get the currency exchanged, there was an altercation where she was badly beaten up. This is why she was in the hospital. The Deaf person asked her to get well soon and said nothing else. When she was supposed to leave on the 4th day, she asked the Deaf person to transfer Rs 30,000. The Deaf person said that he has already given her enough money and is now out of money. He cannot lend her anything.


She requested the money and that she was in the process of getting the money and would return the money soon. The Deaf person was very hesitant and she said that she would not dupe him like others.

The Deaf person still did not agree. Then he returned home to his wife. The wife was aware of all this. The Deaf person told her that he can't give Rs 30,000. The wife said that she felt very bad to see a woman like her being injured. This is why she asked him to transfer her money. The Deaf man then took a loan from people and gave her the money. He said this is the last time he is giving her the money. The woman said she would come to Mumbai soon. She then asked him for Rs 12,000 to book her tickets to Mumbai. The Deaf man transferred the amount to her. She thanked him. He then asked her to share a PDF of her flight tickets. She said she would send it soon. He kept asking for the tickets so that he would know whether she was arriving at Terminal 1 or 2 at Mumbai airport.


However, the message only received 1 tick on WhatsApp. When the message was delivered she said was on the flight and had to switch off the internet. He kept messaging. At the end of the day, there was no response. After waiting at NIHH for so long, he went back home. He thought maybe she was tired or sleeping and would reply in the morning. So he waited. When the wife saw the chats, she realised that he had been blocked. The man was shocked by this. It was not possible to complain to the poilce at night. He waited patiently & the next day he went to the police station with an interpreter to file a complaint. The police then filed an FIR. He has duped Rs 1.38 lakh. They are now trying to sort out the matter. So this was the entire story. Just want to say that do not mock this person for lusting over a girl or think he invested to get double returns. There are WhatsApp chats as proof. So please do not mock him. Now that I have told you this, next time be careful before transferring money to strangers.