Udaipur: Man Killed For Supporting Nupur Sharma

BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma, whose remarks on Prophet Muhammad earlier raised alot of controversy has again been brought up after a man’s head in Rajasthan has been chopped by Muslims after he suppo

Ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma had made some remarks on [Type Prophet Muhammad earlier. It raised a lot of controversy. There were a lot of protests against her and India as many Islamic countries were upset. ISH News released a video about it. You can check it out here https://ish.news/yt-07-06-2022_3   

The issue has been brought up again.  In an extremely shocking incident, two Muslim men in Rajasthan’s Udaipur beheaded a Hindu man,  Kanhaiyya Lal who was a tailor on the afternoon of 28th June for posting in support of   Nupur Sharma, 10 days back. [https://twitter.com/i/status/1541772215900725248

 The victim, who is a tailor and the owner of Supreme tailors was killed in broad daylight in between the hustle-bustle on the adjoining road. In the video it could be seen that one Muslim man entered the victim’s shop as a customer while the other was possibly shooting the video. While the tailor was taking the man’s body measurements, he grabbed his neck and attacked him from the back. After this, the man started hitting the tailor, with the victim pleading with him to let him go. The tailor’s body covered in plastic was seen lying outside his shop with blood overflowing on the streets. [https://twitter.com/i/status/1541764687657807872 


In another video, the murderers one person who have identified himself as Mohammed Riyaz Akhatari along with one other could be seen claiming responsibility for their actions in the name of Allah. “We have chopped off the head from the one from Udaipur. Oh, Allah, we will live for you and die for you. Oh Narendra Modi, listen, you’ve started the fire and will we extinguish it. I hope this knife reaches your neck as well, Inshallah. The one who insults Allah has only one Punishment, which is the separation of the head from the body. 

The Udaipur Police rushed to the scene after the enraged merchants complained about the inhumane incident and launched a probe in searching for the accused. Internet services were temporarily suspended for the next 24 hours in Udaipur and at 8 pm on 28th June, curfew was declared till further orders in certain areas of the Udaipur city. Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot appealed to people to not share the video of the gruesome incident.