Two Heroes Help Deaf Man

In such difficult times, a story about the grit and determination of two individuals has warmed the hearts of many over the internet. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are many who are infected and suffering in India. But there are many people who are very compassionate and helping those who are suffering. Many such stories are going viral over the internet. When a 35-year-old man was found dead in a field, and even his family refused to touch him fearing he could have COVID, it was an auto driver and a police inspector that made sure the body reached the hospital. The incident happened on Sunday. The man’s name was Ammavasai, was a Deaf man, he died after coming in contact with an electrified fence erected around a sugarcane field in Vandavasi, a town in Tamil Nadu. The owner of the field had erected the electric fence illegally, to protect his crop from wild boars. 

When Inspector Allirani rushed to the field in S Navalpakkam, she saw a crowd gathered around the body. The man’s mother and sister were standing there, crying. Allirani immediately got down to work, to recover the body and move it to the Hospital. But, she could not do it alone. She said, “I asked the villagers standing there looking at me trying to move the body, for help. All of them shied away. They were worried he could have died of COVID, though there were clear indications that he had been electrocuted,” “I appealed to all of them to give me a hand, even to the family of the dead man. None came.” She realised that she was not going to get any help. Then the Inspector started dragging the body by the legs. An auto driver Kamal saw this and offered to help. Both of them carried the body to the auto and drove to a hospital in Vellore. Even at the hospital, the duo was left alone to carry the body for autopsy. “We found a tricycle and wheeled him in,”  says the officer. 

This story has gone viral on social media. And everyone is calling the police lady and the auto driver heroes for helping the Deaf man.