Three Deaf Youth From Maharashtra Climb Lingana Fort

Amongst the many mountains in Maharashtra, the Lingana mountain situated between Pune & Raigad, is the most difficult to climb. Lingana is 2969 feet in height. The trekk is to reach the fort is around 7 Km. Once you reach the summit, there is a historic fort. The view from the top of the fort is exquisite & extremely serene. The summit is a vantage point for 3 other forts. You will be able to see the beautiful view of the Raigad, Torna, and Rajgad forts. Those who have successfully scaled the peak have vouched for its difficulty. Climbing the mountain can be very exhausting and it is slippery as well. While rope climbing atop the mountain, one has to be very watchful. You can not scale the peak by merely hiking; you need a rope to ascend the peak. 3 Deaf individuals from Ahmednagar have successfully climbed this mountain. Their success in climbing the mountain is a stunning feat. The people of Ahmednagar are in awe and proud of their achievement. The Mt. Everest in Nepal is an extremely treacherous peak. The Lingana in Maharashtra is very similar to it. However, these 3 Deaf men were able to reach the top.

Under the guidance of Anil Wagh from Indraprastha Trekkers, 3 young deaf boys Ajay Gandhi, Devendra Vaidya, and Bhagwat Adhapure explained how to safely climb the mountain without slipping. They were even given ropes and all forms of safety equipment by Indraprastha Trekkers. The group consisted of hearing individuals as well the 3 Deaf men. The climb lasted 5 hours, and was extremely arduous. They started the trek from Mohri Village on 10th January 2021 at 5 am. Once they were briefed the trekk started. They used ropes to climb the mountain, and the three Deaf men were exhausted climbing the tall mountain. Not for a moment did they think of giving up and turning back. They were determined to move on.

It was important for them to be physically and mentally strong. They were patient and fearless. Once they reached the peak, they were blown away by the windy scenery. All the difficulties and pain suffered on the way up lay forgotten and the 3 Deaf men were mesmerised by the view. They unfurled a saffron flag and chanted slogans such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jai. Wasn't that amazing! Despite many difficulties, these 3 Deaf men successfully climbed the mountain. Rope climbing is not easy. Still they were able to climb the peak. Residents of Ahmednagar were stunned that the 3 Deaf men who were residents of the city were able to scale the peak.


 Ajay, Devendra and Bhagwat love to trek across mountains in Maharashtra. Mountain Lingana's difficulty did not deter them. They faced multiple challenges while climbing the mighty mountain, but in the end they were able to check it off their bucket list. Ajay Gandhi is a member of Jai Anand Mahavir Yuvak Mandal. Their President Shailesh Monot & General Secretary  Hemant Mutha congratulated him. They were proud that a member of their association was able to climb such a treacherous mountain. Ahmednagar MLA Sangram Bhaiyya Jagtap also felicitated the 3 deaf boys.