TDWA Donates Food to Deaf During Lockdown

Thane Deaf Welfare Association, TDWA has helped support the struggling Deaf Community by distributing food. Watch our video to learn more.

In Maharashtra's Thane District City, there is an association named Thane Deaf Welfare Association, TDWA which was founded in 2005 and has been working ever since.It was registered in 2012. TDWA has been advocating the Government to provide equal rights to the Deaf Community in Maharashtra. The President of TDWA is Vaibhav Ghaisas and the General Secretary is Raju Kamatkar. In 2013, TDWA Board became affiliated with SLAD in Maharashtra. SLAD has been advocating the government for rights of the Deaf Community. TDWA has been working with SLAD for demanding driving licenses for the Deaf. Now SLAD announced that the Maharashtra government has allowed issuing Deaf individuals driving licenses in various districts. We applaud SLAD for their hard work. TDWA is extremely grateful to SLAD, for maintaining unity and cooperation among the various districts. TDWA aims to achieve certain important objectives such as equality of rights, development in society, welfare of the Deaf and unity of all Deaf persons in Thane.

The coronavirus is an extremely dangerous illness causing cold, cough, difficulty in breathing, etc. The virus has spread across the world and infected millions. A lockdown was imposed across India, including Maharashtra for the last 3 months. Many Deaf individuals were struggling due to lack of accessible communication. All the information broadcasted by the Maharashtra government about the lockdown

was in the spoken language and not accessible to the Deaf. Also the Deaf were unemployed as companies are laying off employees. They were unable to make ends meet. They are facing financial troubles and are finding it difficult to buy food. The Maharashtra government had promised to provide 3 months food ration to disabled. Even the Disability Committee officer had also promised to distribute food for 3 months. The committee circulated an online form for this. They all waited but there was no response. They had submitted the online form to the TMC. The TDWA did not want to keep waiting while the Deaf Community continued to starve. They wanted immediate action. TDWA Board members all decided to contribute funds. They ordered essential food items such as rice, dal, etc and made them into 60 packages. All of this was organised by TDWA Vice President Amol Pagare who was responsible for ordering food and making the packages.

TDWA were extremely grateful to him and Joint Secretary Roshan D'mello and Rikin Shah, Joint Treasurer, who also helped distribute food.Their aim is to help eliminate COVID-19 and appealed everyone to stay home and healthy.