Safoora Zargar Gets Bail After 2 Months

Pregnant Jamia Millia University student Safoora Zargar, has finally been granted bail by Delhi High Court on humanitarian grounds.

On 10th April, a pregnant Jamia Millia University student Safoora Zargar was arrested in a case related to the Delhi violence. She was arrested for conspiring (planning) the riots in February during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and for obstructing a road near the Jafrabad metro station. She was charged under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Her arrest and imprisonment had a strong criticism from students, activists and human rights bodies. On social media, many demanded her to be freed, while many said it was right she was arrested. There were many divided opinions. 

Due to her pregnancy and the COVID-19 outbreak, her lawyers filed for bail 3 times but were rejected. On 23rd June the Delhi High Court granted bail to Safoora. Lawyer Tushar Mehta who was representing the Delhi Police said, if the Delhi High Court allows bail, then he will not oppose it on humanitarian grounds. But her bail has no relation to the seriousness of the case. While giving bail the High Court said that Safoora must not get involved in activities that may harm the investigation. She also cannot leave Delhi without permission and has to stay in touch with an Investigating Officer at least once in 15 days.