Rishi Kapoor Admitted to the Hospital

Rumours of an apparent Cancer relapse have been doing the rounds after Rishi Kapoor was rushed to a Delhi Hospital. Watch the video for all the details.

67 year old  Rishi Kapoor is a well known actor. He has acted in movies such as Amar Akbar Anthony &  Raju Chacha. He was recently admitted in a hospital in Delhi. All of his fans became very worried for him. This is because he had recently spent 11 months in  New York for his cancer treatment. After successfully defeating cancer, he had returned to India in September 2019.When he was admitted to a Delhi hospital everyone thought the cancer had come back.Kapoor's wife Neetu Singh, and son Ranbir along with girlfriend Alia Bhatt rushed to Delhi to be with him. 

Rishi then posted a few Tweets on 4th Feb. Kapoor said he has been filming in Delhi for two weeks.

He added that his doctors found an infection that could have led to  pneumonia, and is now being cured.

He revealed that he had caught an infection, because of Delhi's pollution and his low count of neutrophils (white blood cells that protect body from infections).

"People seem to have assumed a lot different. I put to rest all those stories and look forward to entertain and love you," he said. 
He recently announced that he would feature alongside  Deepika Padukone in an Indian adaptation of the 2015 hit Hollywood film, The Intern. The movie is planned to be released in 2021.