Rahul Gandhi Makes ‘Rape in India’ Statement

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Rape in India’ statement has ruffled many feathers in India. Even BJP MP Smriti Irani aggressively targeted Rahul Gandhi. Watch the video for all the details.

At a political rally in Jharkhand, Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke about "Make in India". Modi would always encourage people to make things in India and use things from India. Howevere now there is only "Rape in India".Rahul Gandhi even said that PM Modi's has now said a word about Ex-BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar who had raped a girl in Unnao, UP.Because of this on 13th November 2019, there was a huge chaos in the Parliament. All the BJP MPs were talking about what Rahul Gandhi said. 

BJP MP Smriti Irani gave a very aggressive speech. She said that Rahul Gandhi has asked everyone in India to start raping girls. She said for the first time in History a Congress leader has used a senitive topic such a rape for his own political advantage.She said what kind of a leader is RG. Is this the way he talks about women. He has insulted all women in India. Is this the message he wants to give? 

Rahul Gandhi said he will not say sorry. He said the BJP was trying to divert attention from the problems in Northeast. Rahul Gandhi said that "I said the PM keeps talking about Make In India. So when one opens the newspaper one hoped that one would see news about Make in India, but what do we see when we open the papers?" he added.The Congress said that Smriti Irani said said all lies in the Parliament. Congress said that Smriti Irani knew Rahul Gandhi never asked people to start raping women still she said lies. They have sent her a notice and have asked her to apologise.