RADD Distributes Flowers to Essential Workers During Lockdown

Rohtak, Haryana’s Rohtak Association of Deaf & Dumb (RADD) have appreciated essential workers and distributed food to the poor.

Rohtak, Haryana’s Rohtak Association of Deaf & Dumb (RADD) was founded in 2016. Their President is Dhiraj Khanna and the General Secretary is Sonu Harjai. PM Modi had announced the COVID-19 lockdown on 22nd March. When PM Modi imposed the second lockdown, the Board members of RADD decided to support the starving poor.

They started inquiring for donations and managed to collect Rs 26,000/- A part of the money was used to buy food items. Hearing individuals were hired to cook the food and few Deaf individuals were called to help make the packages. All this was done to feed the poor in the area. 

The balance amount was used to distribute groceries to Deaf residents of Rohtak. Items such as Rice, dal, oil, salt, sugar, etc. were distributed to each household. RADD's Joint Secretary Sandeep Dhingra and Former Joint Secretary of RADD Ravinder, both help to distribute packages to each house. A few members of RADD were also involved.

Board members of RADD saw that there were some who were working every day despite the lockdown., People like sanitation workers work every day since cleanliness is a priority to fight COVID-19. Even the fire brigade are also working. The RADD showered flower petals on sanitation workers and applauded their efforts.

Even the fire brigade employees were showered with petals and applauded. The sanitation workers and fire brigade employees were happy by appreciation shown by the Deaf individuals. In the end, while doing the accounts they found they had a balance of Rs. 5,100. RADD decided to donate this money to HDDWA based in Gurugram, Haryana. HDDWA collected such donations from various districts and then handed the cheque with the final amount to the Haryana Chief Minister's Relief Fund to fight COVID-19. We applaud the RADD for their noble deed.