Professor Couple from Delhi University Die by Suicide

A professor couple from Delhi died by suicide, as they were unhappy with their condition of being bedridden.

Rakesh Jain, 74 and his wife Usha Jain, 69, had been professors at Delhi University. Last year while they were travelling to Gonda, in UP, they met with an accident. Rakesh had injuries to his spinal cord, his wife had multiple fractures. They were not keeping well, and spent most of their time in bed. Fed up of being in bed all the time, the couple hanged themselves to death. This incident happened in Govindpuri, Delhi. 

Ajit was the couple's caretaker. He reached their house at 2:30pm. He rang the doorbell. When no one opened the door for a while, he called the couple's daughter, Ankita. 

Ankita reached there, and they broke the door. They found the couple hanging from a steel pipe. They immediately called the police. 

A senior police officer said that they found two notes on the table. In the notes, the couple had written that they were fed up of being bedridden after their accident, and this is why they took the extreme step. The police also said that with the caretaker's help, they had started recovering. They could now walk a little, with help. However, they were not happy with this. 

Suicide is not the answer to our problems. In case you have these feelings, you should talk about it to someone, and seek help. It will help you feel better.