President Murmu Represents India in the Queen's Funeral

President Draupadi Murmu has visited London for 3 days to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hello everyone! You all have been inquiring about when is the English course starting. Well now the English course is starting on 3rd October 2022. It will be a virtual class on ZOOM. It will be taught by Ms Mona Shah. She explanations in Sign Language will be clearly understood by all and your writing skills will improve! She is a very experienced teacher. Those who want to apply for the course, here are the contact details. This is ISH Shiksha's mobile number. Please call between 10:00am to 6:00pm. Please do not call between 1:00pm to 2:00pm as it is lunch time. So these are the timings please remember. Don't call for random reasons. When you call to apply for the course, first send this text message. Type: I want to learn English.


After you send this message, you will get a response for the applications. Now there is a good news. There are 3 classes with 3 different timings. Call ISH Shiksha and discuss your time preference. It is a 3-month course and will be held everyday from Monday to Friday for 1 hour. You will really enjoy the course as it  is not repetitive. You will learn unique topics. She will give you one word and you have to create 10 sentences. This will help you independently read and write. Amazing right! The fees are Rs 3,000! Not for a month! Its Rs 3,000 for 3 months. That's it.


Are you interested? Please contact us!


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