Pregnant Deaf Woman Beaten Up in Delhi

A 4-month pregnant woman was mercilessly beaten by an unruly mob in Delhi. The mob thrashed as they suspected she was a child-lifter.

Recently in UP there have been many rumours about child-lifters. Whenever people suspect a person to be a child-lifter a large crowd of people gather and beat the person. They do not wait to verify and just beat the person. Many people have gotten badly injured and hurt because of this. 


A similar incident happened in North-East Delhi but this time the victim was a Deaf woman named Priyanka. The woman was Deaf as well as 4-months pregnant. This woman was beaten up by a mob in Harsh Vihar on August 27 over suspicion that she was a child lifter.  A 70-second viral video of the incident has gone viral all over the internet. In the viral video clip, the Deaf woman can be seen folding her hands and touching the feet of a man begging him to stop hitting her. She then asks for some drinking water but a man in the crowd instead gets a log.


Priyanka’s her in-laws had thrown her out of their house in Faridabad on August 18. Priyanka’s family tried looking for her but she was missing since then. Somehow Priyanka reached Harsh Vihar and was staying on a footpath. Locals used to give her food but on August 27, they attacked her thinking she was stealing a child. The viral video helped her family find her. 

The family approached the Delhi Police after seeing the video. The woman was admitted to a hospital by her family and her condition is stated to be stable. 


The police had arrested three suspects in the case of assault — 27-year-old electrician Deepak, 52-year-old homemaker Shakuntala and 29-year-old professional photographer Lalit Kumar.

The police urged people not to pay attention to such rumours of child abduction as strict action will be taken.