Police Hide in Trees To Catch Robbers

Policemen are hiding in trees while a drunk man gives his car to a drunken stranger. Check out the strange crimes happening in India in our latest video.

There was another shocking incident in Delhi. Amit Prakash, a resident of Greater Kailash-II, was heavily drunk. He had gone to a wine shop on the Golf Course Road after work. He paid ?20,000 for one wine bottle that had ?2,000 price tag. The shop owner, however, returned ?18,000 in cash. After that, he went to his vehicle and started drinking again. Meanwhile, a stranger came and asked him if he too could join Prakash for a few drinks.Prakash drove the car for a bit and then stopped. The stranger told him to get out of the car. Prakash, who was so drunk, got out of the car thinking it was not his car. 

He got down, took a metro and went home. The next day when he woke up he realised what he did and filed a police complaint. Prakash lost Rs 18,000, his car, his phone and his laptop. The cops are now trying to go through CCTV camera footage to identify the accused. People were shocked to hear about this news. Now there was another case of robbery. Many cases of robbery have been reported on the Yamuna Expressway that passes through the Mathura district. On May 29, an engineer with the public works department (PWD) in Delhi along with his wife and driver, was robbed of cash and jewellery by unknown men. Similarly, on June 2, a grocery dealer on way to Delhi from Firozabad, along with three of his kin, was robbed. Both incidents occurred late in the evening. Their modus operandi is to first hit any passing vehicles, mostly cars with stones and when the driver stops, they loot him. There was also a failed attempt in which a Delhi-based woman was injured by a stone thrown at her car. 

In view of these recent developments, the Mathura Police took immediate action and deployed more than 100 policemen on the stretch to stop these robberies and catch the culprits. The Mathura Police meanwhile have created sketches of the accused based on inputs received from the victims. Superintendent of Police, Shailesh Kumar Pandey said, “The men seem to be in the age group of 20 to 35 years and multiple teams are deployed to search for them. CCTV cameras have also been installed.” Police patrol has increased significantly on this stretch of the Expressway and police cars can be spotted every 2 kilometres. Police are also checking vehicles. 
One commuter, Shailesh Kumar Pandey, talking about his experience to tt recalled how he saw a cop in plain clothes, hiding on a tree with a gun. He said that he was travelling with two of his friends, they were returning from Mathura when they stopped for a toilet break. He got scared seeing a man atop the tree. But soon two policemen in uniform came there and warned them not to stop midway on the Expressway. They were also asked to leave immediately. Images of the cops sitting in trees and patrolling the streets.