PM Modi Orders 21-Day Lockdown

In order to contain the Coronavirus, PM Modi has declared a 21-day lockdown in the country. Watch our latest video for all the details.

On 24th March PM Modi addressed the nation at 8pm and announced that the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing in India and the only way to stop the infection from spreading, to make sure everyone remains at home. This is why Modi said that from 12:00 am there will be a 21-day lockdown all over the country. Every state, district, and village across India will be under lockdown. He said that if people go out they will bring the infection back home with them and infect their families and loved ones. This is why it is better to remain indoor so that everyone is safe. When the Coronavirus first emerged, it affected the first  1lakh people in 67 days. But the next 1 lakh were infected in 11 days. 

The next 1 lakh people were infected in just 4 days. This is how quickly the virus spread. Just imagine how quickly it can spread in India. Italy and the USA have the best healthcare systems in the world. But right now they are struggling to deal with the outbreak.We need to learn from their experiences. These countries have managed to contain the virus only by imposing strict lockdown measures.These 21 days are very important to break the cycle of Coronavirus. If the citizens of India do not stay home for the next 21 days, it will push our country back by 21 years. Come what may, we must not leave our house. PM Modi said people think only patients of Covid-19 need to stay at home. This is totally wrong. Social distancing applies even to the prime minister, PM Modi said.

This is because if a person is infected they will not know as it takes time for the symptoms to manifest. So be home as right now our decisions will decide our future.PM Modi folded his hands and requested people to think about brave doctors, nurses, policemen, ambulance drivers, media persons, etc who are working hard to keep India safe. Please remain at home so these people can continue taking care of patients without getting burdened.The government has issued the 21 day lockdown only after making sure there are enough essential goods. So please do not panic buy. You have to stay away from large crowds. Do not rush to markets and stand in crowds and queues. This will spread the virus. This 21-day lockdown will have a severe impact on our economy. However we have to bear the consequences because safety of Indian citizens is top priority. 

The Government has allocated Rs 15,000 crore to battle the coronavirus. Isolation wards, beds, ventilators and other important medical equipment have been arranged.Do not take any medicine without the advice of the doctor.Follow the rules of your local government and please remain at home. This is the only way to fight this dangerous virus. PM Modi said he is confident, India will be successful in containing the virus as long as everyone stays at home. Please take care of yourself and your family.