PM Modi Launches ‘Fit India’ Movement

With an aim to make India stronger and fitter, PM Modi has launched the Fit India Movement on the hockey legend Dhyan Chand’s Birthday. In his speech Modi encouraged the nation to adopt healthy practi

Yesterday was the 29th August 2019 which is celebrated as Sports Day. It is because on this day that Hockey legend Dhyan Chand was born. Remembering the iconic sportsperson, PM Modi said, "My wishes to you all on National Sports Day. It was on this day that India got a sports star like Dhyan Chand who stunned the world with his skills. At the event PM Modi launched the "Fit India Movement" from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. 

During the event, he said that we must aim for a healthy body and mind. He said success has no elevator, only stairs. He said that we do not have to invest any money for fitness but the returns will be remarkable. 

Modi said, "Till a few decades ago, a normal person used to walk 8-10 kilometers in a day. Then gradually technology changed, modern means came and people reduced their walking habit."However technology also track how much you have walked.This means that we must use our mind to use technology in the right way and achieve fitness. 

Today, many diseases like diabetes and hypertension is increasing. You will find many people suffering from them. Earlier we used to hear that risk of heart attack increases after the age of 50-60, now the youth of 35-40 years are getting heart attacks. He said success and fitness are interlinked. Take any field today. Look at your icons. Whether they are in sports, films, business, most of them are fit and have a systematic lifestyle.This is not just a coincidence. The government may have started the Fit India Movement, but the citizens have to lead it. PM Modi's speech was live-streamed in schools and colleges across the nation.