PM Modi Attends the G7 Summit in Germany

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Germany during which he will attend the G7 summit and discuss issues like energy, food security, counter-terrorism, environment and dem

The G7 member countries are - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The 7 countries are the world’s richest countries. Even the European Union is also a member. The 2022 G7 Summit was held in Germany. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also invited for the summit. Pm Modi went there for 2 days on 26 & 27 June. Other countries are also invited to the meeting. However, even though India is not a member of the G7 summit, Modi was given a lot of honour & respect. A band welcomed PM Modi at the Munich airport. US president Barack Obama was welcomed in Munich in the same way in 2015. PM Modi was given so much respect. The Minister-President of Bavaria hosted a dinner for many world leaders including PM Modi on Sunday 26th June. Modi is the guest of honour and he was the only leader who gave a speech at the dinner. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a productive meeting with Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez. During the meeting, the two leaders discussed various issues like trade and investment, defence cooperation, agriculture, climate action and food security. PM Modi also gave a speech to the Indian people in Munich, Germany. 

PM Modi held meetings with leaders of Brazil and Canada as well. Moreover, in a video shared by ANI, PM Modi is in conversation with his Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when the US President Joe Biden walked up to PM Modi and tapped him on his back. The two world leaders shook hands and exchanged warm greetings which clearly shows the strong bond between the two countries. The G7 leaders discussed issues like energy, food security, counter-terrorism, environment and democracy with the leaders of different  countries. US President Joe Biden said on Sunday 26th June that the G7 is set to announce a ban on Russian gold imports amid the war in Ukraine. On 28 June PM Modi will also travel to UAE to pay his personal condolences on the passing away of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the former UAE President. Prime Minister Modi will depart from UAE the same night today on June 28. What do you think about Narendra Modi’s Visit to Germany & UAE and its political importance? Do mention your thoughts in the comment action below.