Plastic Bags Make a Comeback in 2019

Consumers continue to use plastic bags regardless of the ban.

On 23rd June 2018, the Maharashtra State Government banned the manufacture, usage, sale and distribution of plastic bags. To make sure that people follow these rules, the BMC created a squad of 310 inspectors. These inspectors were responsible to conduct raids and fine people who were caught using plastic bags.

This was of no use. It has hardly been 6 months, and people have already started using plastic bags again. Vegetable markets in Mumbai, are boldly selling and using plastic bags.

The Vegetable vendors say that people do not carry cloth bags and if they are not given plastic bags, they refuse to make purchases. Some people say that they do not know about the ban at all.

Hiten Bheda, is the President of the All India Plastics Manufacturers Association. He said that, the real problem is the management of plastic waste and not the use of plastic. He said that the government must try to understand the mentality of consumers towards plastic bags, before banning it.

Many citizens say that plastic alternatives are very expensive. Some people don’t know what the different alternatives to plastic bags are. The citizens need to be educated regarding the management of plastic waste and also different alternatives to plastic bags.