Parliament: Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Modi in Lok Sabha

Leader of the Opposition, Rahul Gandhi delivered a speech on 1st July 2024 and PM Modi delivered his speech on 2nd July 2024. Both made fiery remarks and claims against each other.

The 18th Lok Sabha session began on 24th June 2024, marking the first session after this year's Lok Sabha elections. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been appointed as the Leader of the Opposition (LoP), while Om Birla has been re-elected as the Speaker of Lok Sabha.

On 26th June 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and LoP Rahul Gandhi welcomed Speaker Birla, shaking hands with him. However, Birla bowed to Modi while shaking his hand but stood straight while shaking Rahul’s hand. Modi and Rahul also shook hands and escorted Birla to his seat.

In a fiery speech on 1st July 2024, LoP Rahul Gandhi criticized the BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and PM Modi on various issues.

BJP’s Hinduism Ideology

Rahul criticized BJP's interpretation of Hinduism, saying it spreads fear, hatred, and violence. Holding a picture of Lord Shiva, he argued that true Hinduism is about fearlessness and non-violence. Speaker Birla forbade Rahul from showing the picture. PM Modi responded, stating that calling Hindus violent is serious, to which Rahul replied that BJP and RSS are not the entire Hindu society. Home Minister Amit Shah condemned Rahul's statement and demanded an apology.

NEET Paper Leak

Rahul raised concerns about irregularities and paper leaks in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), affecting around 2 crore students. He claimed the exam is perceived as favoring rich students over meritorious ones and demanded a dedicated discussion for a resolution.

BJP’s Attack Against Opposition Leaders

Rahul accused the BJP of systematically attacking the Constitution and those resisting it. He highlighted personal attacks against him, including 20 legal cases and prolonged interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate. PM Modi addressed the Speaker, stating he takes the Leader of Opposition seriously. Amit Shah defended Modi, referencing the Emergency imposed by Rahul's grandmother, Indira Gandhi.

Indian Farmers Protest

Rahul criticized BJP leaders for labeling protesting farmers as terrorists and ignoring their demands for minimum support prices and loan waivers.

Manipur Crisis

Rahul accused Modi and Shah of being indifferent to the ethnic violence in Manipur, claiming BJP doesn’t consider Manipur as part of India.

Agniveer Scheme

Rahul criticized the Agniveer scheme for temporary army recruitment, calling it "use and throw" labor. He claimed it discriminates against soldiers, who do not receive martyr status or pensions. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh refuted Rahul's claims, stating that compensation is provided to Agniveer families.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir

Rahul questioned the BJP about compensation for residents displaced by the Ayodhya airport and infrastructure projects. He also criticized the selection of guests for the inauguration, asking why local residents were not invited.

Rahul concluded by criticizing Speaker Birla for bowing to Modi but not to him, suggesting the Speaker should remain impartial. Speaker Birla responded that he bows to elders. The session highlighted the sharp political divide and set the tone for future debates in the 18th Lok Sabha.