Parliament: PM Modi Mocks Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha Speech

PM Modi mocked Rahul Gandhi & Congress by making some sarcastic & severe allegations in his speech at Lok Sabha on 2nd July 2024. Watch this video to learn what PM Modi said.

On 2nd July 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech in the Lok Sabha, responding to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's previous remarks. You may watch it here: 

Despite the chaos and protests from opposition members shouting "Justice for Manipur" and rushing into the Well of the House, PM Modi continued his address. Speaker Om Birla criticized Rahul Gandhi for encouraging opposition members to disrupt the proceedings. Undeterred by the uproar, PM Modi began his speech by contrasting the Congress's approach of "tushtikaran" (appeasement) with the BJP's policy of "santushtikaran" (satisfaction and justice for all without appeasement).

PM Modi accused the Congress of coining and spreading the term "Hindu terrorism," likening it to the spread of dengue fever and claiming it hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community. He interpreted the 2024 Lok Sabha election results as a directive from the Indian public for Congress to remain in the opposition, remarking that they should "keep shouting" after their arguments are exhausted.

Calling the Congress a "parjeevi" (parasite), PM Modi said the party thrives at the expense of its allies, noting that many of the Congress's 99 seats were won with the support of coalition partners. He further mocked Rahul Gandhi, referring to him as "balak buddhi" (childish intellect) and shared a story to illustrate the Congress's limited success.

PM Modi compared Congress leaders' statements to a scene from the film "Sholay," humorously addressing the party's losses and perceived "moral victories." He criticized Rahul Gandhi's behavior in the Lok Sabha, pointed out his legal troubles, and suggested that the public believes he is not capable of leading effectively.

The Prime Minister highlighted the BJP's zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, which he claimed earned them the trust and support of Indian citizens. He dismissed Rahul Gandhi's accusation that the BJP attacked the Constitution, stating that the Congress failed to implement constitutional provisions in Jammu and Kashmir, thereby insulting Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Reflecting on the pre-2014 era, PM Modi said India was frequently targeted by terrorists, but post-2014, the country has adopted a more aggressive stance against such threats. He sarcastically noted that 1st July 2024 was celebrated as "Khata Khat Diwas," as people checked their bank accounts for the promised ?8,500/- from Congress's campaign, which he claimed was a misleading promise.

Concluding his speech, PM Modi pledged that he and the BJP would work tirelessly to make India a developed nation by 2047. He assured that their third term would see triple the effort and energy to achieve the goal of "Viksit Bharat 2047."

This address was marked by PM Modi's commitment to development and criticism of the Congress party's strategies and promises.