Paneer Causes Fight at Wedding, Videos Go Viral

A video of wedding guests from bride & groom’s sides fighting with each other over shortage of paneer in matar paneer has gone viral on social media.

Since the dawn of social media, we have been witnessing some really amazing wedding trends, decorations, dresses, dances as well as some ‘wild’ reactions from brides, grooms and their guests. Yet another video has gone viral on social media that is both shocking and hilarious. The video shows the wedding guest from the bride and groom’s sides punching and throwing chairs at each other. But what is making the incident viral is the reason behind their fight which was the shortage of paneer in Matar Paneer. 
Isn’t it funny? According to the report, some guests observed “less paneer” in matar paneer and complained. The complaints turned into arguments which got converted into a full blown physical brawl. The video was first posted on ‘X’ (Twitter) by the handle ‘Arhant Shelby’. The video was posted on 20th December 2023 but the views continue to grow. The video has received many funny comments worth reading. The comments included "Aaj matar paneer par focus nhi krte”, "Kursi Tod ke paneer ke paise vasool rhe hai!”, “Koi paneer dedo inhe warna yh bhuke mar jayenge”, “World war 3 will fought for Paneer”, etc. While some negative comments like “What is this nonsense? Why do people do such things for petty reasons?", "This is just embarrassing for both sides” were also posted. The video reminded the viewers of a similar video earlier from the year showing a wedding brawl over the groom’s Fufaji being deprived of paneer at a wedding in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh.