Pakistani Passenger Damages Planes Window Mid-Air

Videos of a Pakistani passenger who caused major disruption on a PIA Peshawar-Dubai flight surfaced on social media.

The cabin crew of every airline tries to treat passengers politely and is considerate of their needs, but occasionally, bad behaviour by some passengers makes their work miserable and difficult. Recently, one such unfavourable incident has emerged and came to light after videos of a Pakistani passenger who caused major disruption on a Pakistan International Airlines' (PIA) Peshawar-Dubai flight surfaced on social media. In one of the clips, the man is seen kicking the window of the aircraft and punching the seats. He removed his shirt and was in his vest. Another video shows him lying on the floor of the plane with his face down. According to the Dawn News, the male passenger boarded PIA's flight PK-283 from Peshawar to Dubai on Wednesday, 14th of September. As the flight took off, he started asking the cabin crew to get him off the aircraft. The man then started punching and kicking the seats and also damaged a window shutter, causing panic among the passengers.

One of the clips shows flight attendants attempting to calm the passenger down and pleading with him to stop acting in this manner. The man began praying and giving Azaan in the aisle before lying down there. The passenger was tied to his seat in accordance with aviation law. The captain of the flight contacted the air traffic controller (ATC) of Dubai and sought security. The traveller was detained by security personnel as soon as they arrived at the airport in Dubai and then deported back to Pakistan. The man was blacklisted from the airlines. What do you think about such behaviour of passengers, which not only causes panic and hampers peace but also makes the job of the cabin crew several times more difficult?