Pakistani Actor Sets Forest on Fire For TikTok Video

In another shocking incident, a video of Pakistani actor and TikToker Humaira Asghar has attracted huge criticism on social media as she was shot in front of a forest fire raging behind her.

Pakistan is undoubtedly a country which is known for its funny and weird acts. It is sometimes from Pakistan’s Army and sometimes from Pakistani Actors. Everyone comes up with some weird statement or act. Now, there is a trend of posing in front of wildfires. These videos and photos are disturbing and disastrous. In yet another incident, there was a viral video of Pakistani actor and TikToker Humaira Asghar walking in a silver gown in front of a forest fire raging behind her. The video has been hugely criticized on social media. 

Reacting to the post, the Chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board said that the actor should have been holding a bucket of water to stop the fire instead of glamourising it. However, Humaira Asghar clarified that she did not start the fire and there was nothing wrong in making videos. In Pakistan, this has now become a trend as earlier this month a man was arrested in Abbottabad for intentionally starting a forest fire for the background of a video. Pakistani media also recently reported a video of two people setting a forest on fire at Margalla Hills for the TikTok video where they could be seen setting the forest on fire with a lighter. This becomes even more shocking when Pakistan has extreme weather caused by climate change and temperatures in the country in some parts have reached 51 degrees celsius in recent days. Forest fires are common from mid-April to the end of July caused by the increase in temperature. After several such incidents coming into light and youngsters making it a trend to start forest fires, TikTok has now released an official statement and said any content that violates guidelines and promotes dangerous and illegal behavior is not allowed.  We encourage everyone to exercise caution and responsibility in their behavior whether online or offline.