Non-Smoker In Delhi Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Due to the presence of toxic chemicals in Delhi’s polluted air, innocent non-smoking victims are falling prey to lung cancer.

According to the doctors of the Delhi’s Ganga Ram Hospital, a 28-year-old woman from Ghazipur city in Uttar Pradesh, has been diagnosed with a fourth stage lung cancer. The woman’s name and identity has been kept a secret. Doctors say that the woman never smoked a single cigarette in her life. Nobody in the woman’s family smokes either. The woman stayed near a Landfill site. Here garbage is left in piles. Dr Arvind Kumar, the chairperson of the lung cancer foundation in Delhi said that since she never smoked cigarettes the only reason for the cancer is air pollution. He said that since the air near her house is polluted due to the garbage this is may be the reason for her lung cancer.

You are all aware about the air pollution levels in Delhi. Dr Arvind said that, air has no boundaries. As it blows, it also carries the pollution with itself and can leave its effect anywhere. He said that poisonous chemicals are being found in Delhi’s air. Smoke from five cigarettes to 20 cigarettes is present in Delhi’s air. He said that you can not be a non-smoker if you live in Delhi. On average Dr Arvind sees 2-3 lung cancer cases every month in non-smoking individuals in their 30s. This is the first time he has seen a patient who is below 30 years old. 

A report published in 2017, said that more than half of the lung cancer patients in Delhi are non smokers. For years the government was questioned regarding pollution in Delhi. However, the government has not done anything to change this situation. Due to this the common man is suffering.