Noida Boy Runs 10km Every Night After Work

A video of a 19-year-old boy sprinting down a Noida road at midnight has raked in millions of views on social media.

A video of a 19-year-old boy running on a Noida road at midnight has raked millions of views on social media. 

You may be wondering, what is so special about a boy running down an empty Noida street? Well, his story is inspiring. While we keep cribbing about the slightest discomfort in our lives, this boy from Uttarakhand, Pradeep Mehra is juggling work, home and also has a dream to join the army. On 20th march midnight, Pradeep was running on the sidewalk in Noida. FilmmakerVinod Kapri saw him while driving past. Kapri offered him a lift but he politely refused despite being soaked in sweat. Kapri was curious and he was keen on knowing more about this young boy. Therefore, he continued his conversation while driving. 


Pradeep said he is from Uttarakhand's Almora town, but is now staying and working in Noida. He was running home from work after his shift at McDonald's. Despite Vinod Kapri offering him a lift to his home several times, he refused, saying he prefers to run home because he doesn't get time to run during the day. 

When Kapri asked about the reason why he was running all the way, Pradeep said, "To join the army. "It's my routine. If I go with you, it will affect my practice.” He also said that he didn’t clear the army exams once, so he was practicing from now and he hopes that recruitment starts soon. During their conversation, Pradeep further informed Kapri that he has no time to train in the morning, as he has to wake up at 8 am every day to cook food and then go to work. Pradeep runs a 10-km stretch daily, from his work in Noida's Sector 16 to his home in Barola, Noida where he stays with his younger brother. 


His mother is unwell and is currently hospitalized. His brother works the night shift so he will reach home and then cook. When Kapri told the boy that his video will go viral, he laughed while still running: "Who's going to recognise me? If it goes viral, it's okay, I am not doing anything wrong.” The video went viral and the internet is in awe of this young man’s determination. People applauded the boy and also Kapri bringing out Pradeep’s story. Some users also prayed for his success. The video has garnered 5.4 million views so far. 


Former England cricket player Kevin Pietersen also shared the video on Twitter. Several Indian bosses including industrialist Anand Mahindra, Harsh Mariwala also applauded Pradeep’s dedication. A word of appreciation also came from Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Now, Lt. Gen. Satish Dua (Retd.) has tweeted the video and he has offered to help him. That is one wonderful news. At the end of the clip, Kapri had written that Pradeep's story will inspire millions. It surely will.