Newborn Girl Found Floating In Ganga

A newborn girl in a wooden box floating in the Ganga river, along the Dadri Ghat in Ghazipur, was brought home by a boatman.

On 14th June, a local boatman named Gullu Chahudhary found a wooden box floating in River Ganga in Ghazipur district. The box was decorated with red cloth and was studded with pictures of gods and goddesses. When Gullu opened the box, he found a new born baby girl inside the box with a red chunri tied to her waist. The box also contained the name of the infant as Ganga and her horoscope. The baby was 21 days old. Gullu Chahudhary, said that he wants to bring up the child as it is a gift from the river Ganga. As the police got to know, the girl child was admitted to the district hospital. Many people recorded the rescue on mobiles and soon videos went viral on social media. Seeing the viral video, a couple reached the police station and complained to the police to allow them to adopt the child as Gullu was not allowing them to keep the child. 

The girl was then taken from Gullu and admitted to the hospital under the supervision of the Childline. According to the deputy director (woman and child welfare) Varanasi division Pravin Kumar Tripathi, “After she is discharged from the hospital, she will be kept in a shelter home for children and looked after properly.” 

Praising the boatman, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said his government will make arrangements for the upbringing of the child. "As a token of gratitude, he will be benefited by all eligible government schemes including a house. The UP government will make arrangements for the upbringing of the child," the Chief Minister said in a tweet in Hindi.