Munawar Faruqui, the 'Fixed Winner' of Bigg Boss 17?

Popular stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui is being allegedly called the ‘fixed winner’ of Bigg Boss season 17 after defeating actor Abhishek Kumar through live voting on 28th January 2024.

Popular stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui won India’s most famous & controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 17 after defeating actor Abhishek Kumar through live voting on 28th January 2024. Superstar Ajay Devgn was the special guest for the finale. Bigg Boss host and superstar Salman Khan announced Munawar as the winner. Along with the trophy, Munawar won a cash prize of ?50 lakh and a car. Thousands of people gathered in Dongri to give a grand heroic welcome to Munawar and celebrate his victory. Munawar was seen holding his trophy and standing through the sunroof of the car. People cheered happily & loudly because Munawar had made the full Dongri proud. Apart from Munawar & Abhishek, the top 5 finalists also included Indian actress & model Mannara Chopra, famous TV actress Ankita Lokhande, and social media personality Arun Mahashetty. After his victory, many Bigg Boss viewers said that Abhishek was a more deserving winner than Munawar and started alleging that the show’s results were fixed. #AbhishekKumar was trending on X (Twitter) and people called Munawar the ‘fixed winner’ of Bigg Boss 17. Responding to the allegation in an interview, Munawar said that people accusing him of being the 'fixed winner' should watch the whole season to learn how much 'scrutiny' he went through. Munawar assured that the results were not fixed and said “Yaar fixed winner ko itna sab go through karna pade toh it can’t be a fixed winner. If I would have been a fixed winner I would have got everything on a platter. Pura season gawah hai that I’ve got nothing on a platter, I’ve worked hard and a lot. My answer to people, who are calling me a fixed winner is – ‘Just sit and watch the entire season and you will realize that it wasn’t fixed’.” He also gave the credit for his victory to his fans and said that a lot of things are at stake when one does a reality show like Bigg Boss. In the process you lose a few things but to win things you have to give it your best. I think I won because of people's love. Did you watch Bigg Boss season 17? Do you think that Munawar was a ‘fixed winner’?