Mumbai's Traffic Worst In The World

Mumbai has the worst rush hour in the world, with traffic being 65% worse then normal.

TomTom a GPS company that works with companies like Apple and Uber provide maps and data to them, they conducted a study about traffic in more than 400 cities in 56 countries cities had to have a population of 8 Lakh or more, this was the first time cities in India were included in the study and Mumbai came in first place ranking the worst in the world with Delhi not far behind in fourth place.

Mumbai during rush-hour has a rise in 65% in traffic congestion compared to non rush-hour period, an example given by them was when the roads are free a trip from Churchgate to Andheri takes 45 minutes  but rush hour time takes 1 hour 15 minutes. Weekends are worse in Mumbai with Saturday nights peak hours reaching 95% over regular hours.

Bogota, Lima, New Delhi and Moscow were the other cities in the top 5, a transport planner, Bina Balkrishnan said that the country has a car-centric policy with no restrictions on car purchases and use of cars during rush hour, creating awareness among the citizens to use public transport instead of their own vehicles or doing carpooling, will help to solve the problem.