Mother Throws Her Deaf Daughter From the 4th Floor

A mother killed her four-year-old daughter by throwing her from the fourth floor of an apartment building in the Porsche locality of Bengaluru in Karnataka.

Problems are a part of life. So what do you do when faced with a problem? Ignore it? Or pick it up and throw it in the trash? Or do you try to find a solution?  A woman from Bengaluru had a problem and she decided to throw that problem out of her 4th-floor balcony. 

Now, what was the problem? Her 4-year-old baby Deaf girl is named Driti. How infuriating! Why are Deaf children and Deaf adults always thought of as burdens and a problem? We are currently living in 2022, there is so much development all around us but still, a Deaf person is a “PROBLEM” for families. 

You may think oh no maybe the woman was illiterate, poor, etc. She was a Dental Surgeon. A person who had to study, big fat books and still she did something like this. Her name was Sushma Bharadwaj. She lived along with her husband who was an IT person. Till the baby was 2 years old, Susha cared for and loved the child. However, after age 2, she began neglecting the child and grew distant from her. 

Earlier, she left her daughter on a train around three months ago and returned home. 

After her husband questioned her, she claimed that their daughter had gone missing before apparently telling him the truth. The husband, who was extremely fond of their daughter, immediately alerted the railway authorities and found her back. The woman was extremely stressed as she wasn’t able to practice dental surgery as she was busy focusing on her child’s health. 

On 4th August Kiran was working from home when Sushma told him that she was taking baby Driti to the terrace to play. Now CCTV footage shows the mother and daughter coming to the fourth floor. They walk up and down the passageway and then Sushma throws Driti and looks around. She later climbs the passageway guardrails and sits there for a few seconds before screaming for help. 

Sasha said she wanted to end her life along with driti’s. The mother claimed to have committed the crime because the child had development issues and she could not listen or speak. When Driti fell, she sustained too many injuries. She was taken to the hospital but she died on the way. The police are now checking if she is telling the truth. She has been placed under arrest.