Mother Helps Father Rape Daughter

In a tragic incident, an 18-year-old girl was raped by her father during the lockdown.

An 18-year-old girl from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh has accused her father of raping her during the lockdown.  The girl said that she was raped twice by her father within 16 days and that her mother was also a part of it. The girl is the youngest of 3 sisters and her father is a retired officer of the education department. According to the girl, on 26th March at around 2 pm when the girl was working in the kitchen, her father came and grabbed her and took her to a room. The father tied her to the bed. The mother stuffed a cloth in her mouth so that she cannot shout or scream for help. After that the father raped the girl and the mother stood in silence without any objection. 

The girl said that her father had told her that this will make things less painful after marriage. Later, the girl's parents locked her inside a room to stop her from informing the police. On April 10, the girl escaped from her home and went to her aunt's home. The father came to know about it and took her home. After taking her back, he again raped her. The girl's elder sister called up toll-free number 1098 which takes care of abuse, child and women safety, etc. The sister informed the whole story to the personnel in 1098. She was then rescued by the police. She showed bite marks on her cheeks and injuries on her wrist to the police.

The couple has denied the charges. They have instead accused their daughter that she is making a false complaint against them because they have objected to her relationship with a local boy. Asit Yadav, Morena SP said, “The girl's parents have a different version of the same story.” 

He added, “We will have to collect proof, including the clothes that she was wearing on the day she was raped. The investigation is going on and the statements will be recorded before a judge.” The girl has also said that her father was trying to molest her since she was in high school. He has made similar attempts on her sisters too.