MDSCD Donates to CM & PM Cares Fund in Kerala

In Kerala's Malappuram District Sports Council of the Deaf, MDSCD has contributed to the Chief Minister Pandemic Relief Fund Kerala as well as the PM-Cares fund. Watch our latest video for all the det

In Kerala's Malappuram, there is a sports association named Malappuram District Sports Council of the Deaf, MDSCD. Its President is Noushad. E.K and the General Secretary is Abdul Wahab. K. Their aim was to encourage tournaments amongst young Deaf sportspersons. 7 clubs in Malappuram are affiliated with MDSCD. 6 schools in Malappuram are also affiliated with MDSCD. Their aim is to encourage sports tournaments. MDSCD is affiliated with Kerala Sports Council of the Deaf KSCD, which is affiliated with All India Sports Council of the Deaf, AISCD. The objective of these associations is to encourage talented sports persons to participate in district, national and Olympic tournaments.

DSC is a sports association for the hearing, which is affiliated with MDSCD. DSC has a Deaf Board member named Mujib Rehman -sign name. He sent a letter to MDSCD. The letter said that Kerala Government is facing a severe shortage of funds. They wanted monetary support as people are suffering due to COVID-19.

MDSCD agreed to support. MDSCD Chairman Nasar Pakkal also agreed to donate funds. Also the 7 clubs affiliated with MDSCD as contributed funds. Other associations like sports associations, government organisations, women associations, etc also contributed to the collection. They all contributed and MDSCD handed over the cheque to DSC. DSC then handed it to the Chief Minister Pandemic Relief Fund Kerala.

MDSCD is grateful for everyone's contribution to eliminate COVID-19.

AISCD, a sports association, sent a letter to various states, which was also sent to KSCD, a sports association, who sent the letter to 14 districts in Kerala. MDSCD also received the letter that asked for support for the PM Cares Fund to help eliminate COVID-19. MDSCD gave the money to KSCD who gave it to AISCD. MDSCD has contributed to the Chief Minister's Fund as well as the PM Cares Fund.