Masks a Must Even When Driving Alone

Delhi high court has said it is mandatory to wear a mask in a private car even when the driver is alone in the car.

There were 4 petitions filed in the Delhi High Court, challenging the collection of fines for not wearing a mask in public. On 7th April, Justice Prathiba M Singh also dismissed all petitions. She said: a mask is compulsory even if a person is driving alone in a private vehicle in Delhi. A car will be taken as a "public place", rules the Delhi HC. The Delhi HC said that the mask protects the person and prevents the spread of Covid-19. It also said that wearing masks in Delhi was compulsory for everyone.  Judge Pratibha M Singh said, "Even if you are alone in the car, why object to wearing a mask? It is for your own safety. When a car stops at a traffic signal, a driver often has to roll down their window. The coronavirus is so contagious that even in that time, anyone can be infected," While dismissing the petitions, the court also scolded the lawyers of the petitions challenging the mandatory mask rule. The judge said if the lawyers follow rules, common people will be encouraged to follow the same.