Marvels Introduces First Deaf Superhero

For the first time in history, Marvel Studios has created a Deaf superhero who will be played by the extremely talented American actress Lauren Ridloff.

Marvel was originally a Comic book series but now it has expanded in the world of cinema through their Marvel Studios which is a Film studio. It is the most profitable film studio in the world. They have earnt more than $ 24.4 billion dollar all over the world. They have produced blockbuster films like Avengers : Endgame, Captain America, Spider-Man,  The Hulk etc. They have created many famous superhero characters such as Thor, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America etc. Marvel Studios has announced a new film called “The Eternals”. The film is about a group of immortals with different super powers. The film will include some extremely well known superstars such as actor Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek etc. 

However this is one thing which is very difficult. For the first time in history Marvel will launch a Deaf Superhero. Lauren Ridloff is an American actress and she is Deaf. She signed and said that this role will be extremely impactful. She has worked in the musical adaptation of the film Children of a Lesser God in Broadway, New York. She was nominated for the prestigious Tony Award for this film. The Tony awards are awards given to talented theatre artists. She has also worked in the TV show The Walking Dead. 

She has been nominated for many awards and has worked in Music videos as well. She was the first Miss Deaf America of African-American and Mexican descent. Filming on The Eternals is rumored to begin over the next month or two in London.